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College Game Plan provides a full range of educational consulting services. From early-stage high school curriculum planning, to college application counseling and alumni interview preparation, we provide the blueprint and support students and their families need as they navigate each step of the college planning and admissions process.

We understand and are always cognizant that each of our students is unique, and we tailor our approach to meet their individual needs.    We are passionate in our mission to provide inspiration, support and guidance for students to help them confidently and successfully navigate their path to college. With our in-depth knowledge of  hundreds of colleges and universities, we help match students with their best-fit schools.

Our collegiate athletic recruiting expertise has earned us the reputation as the area's go-to consulting firm for student-athletes who wish to be recruited to play their sport and continue their athletic careers in college. Unlike online recruiting services that merely add an athlete's stats and information to large database platforms, at College Game Plan we take a holistic approach to collegiate athletic recruiting, keeping academic and social fit at the forefront of the process. The results of our individualized and targeted approach to collegiate athletic recruiting speak for themselves. Our student-athletes have continued their athletic careers across diverse NCAA divisions and conferences including the highly selective Ivy, Patriot and NESCAC Leagues.


For the past four years I have been referring my athletes to Deborah Accurso at College Game plan with nothing but the best results. Here at the Sports Extra Inc. Training Center our mission is to help young people “Become the Athlete They Always Wanted to Be!” I pride myself on being a great resource for my athletes, and I make every effort to help them obtain the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level. ...continue reading

Coach Cardwell Wootten III Sports Extra Inc.

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