“For the past four years I have been referring my athletes to Deborah Accurso at College Game plan with nothing but the best results. Here at the Sports Extra Inc. Training Center our mission is to help young people “Become the Athlete They Always Wanted to Be!” I pride myself on being a great resource for my athletes, and I make every effort to help them obtain the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level.

My approach to college recruiting for Track & Field had always been rather simple. Put up good marks and colleges will offer you a scholarship. About four years ago, Deborah asked me a very simple question. Do you want your athletes to choose where they go to college or merely take what happens to be offered? That question changed everything! Since then, Deborah has helped me place my athletes at colleges they choose that are the best fit for them both athletically and academically.

The College Game Plan system has helped a number of my athletes get into Ivy League schools. But for me they are not the victories I rave about. It’s the supportive coaching along the way that stands out the most. It’s the athletes Deborah has worked with on writing and rewriting their essays and the athletes she practices with that need to improve their interview skills, so when they sit down with a college coach they are not too nervous and scared. That support and coaching gives my athletes a competitive edge to stand out in the college recruiting field.

The most impactful success story was when Deborah helped one of my athletes transfer out of a college that was a poor fit into a Division 1 Track & Field Power House. Deborah not only helped her communicate her interest to the new coach, and secured his support over the summer, but she also helped her to transfer her academic scholarship, and then helped her map her courses to fit into the new university’s academic system. Most important of all, as a coach, Deborah’s help allowed me to focus on training this athlete so that she could obtain an athletic scholarship as a transfer student. There is no way I would have been able to do it all without the services of Deborah Accurso and College Game Plan.”

Coach Cardwell Wootten III Sports Extra Inc. February 3, 2017