"For the past four years I have been referring my athletes to Deborah Accurso at College Game plan with nothing but the best results. Here at the Sports Extra Inc. Training Center our mission is to help young people “Become the Athlete They Always Wanted to Be!” I pride myself on being a great resource for my athletes, and I make every effort to help them obtain the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level.

My approach to college recruiting for Track & Field had always been rather simple. Put up good marks and colleges will offer you a scholarship. About four years ago, Deborah asked me a very simple question. Do you want your athletes to choose where they go to college or merely take what happens to be offered? That question changed everything! Since then, Deborah has helped me place my athletes at colleges they choose that are the best fit for them both athletically and academically.

The College Game Plan system has helped a number of my athletes get into Ivy League schools. But for me they are not the victories I rave about. It’s the supportive coaching along the way that stands out the most. It’s the athletes Deborah has worked with on writing and rewriting their essays and the athletes she practices with that need to improve their interview skills, so when they sit down with a college coach they are not too nervous and scared. That support and coaching gives my athletes a competitive edge to stand out in the college recruiting field.

The most impactful success story was when Deborah helped one of my athletes transfer out of a college that was a poor fit into a Division 1 Track & Field Power House. Deborah not only helped her communicate her interest to the new coach, and secured his support over the summer, but she also helped her to transfer her academic scholarship, and then helped her map her courses to fit into the new university’s academic system. Most important of all, as a coach, Deborah’s help allowed me to focus on training this athlete so that she could obtain an athletic scholarship as a transfer student. There is no way I would have been able to do it all without the services of Deborah Accurso and College Game Plan."

Coach Cardwell Wootten III Sports Extra Inc. February 3, 2017

"Deborah Accurso’s assistance with the process of college athletic recruitment was extremely valuable to us. We were confused about where to even begin and we really appreciated her experienced guidance. Deborah gave us an objective assessment of our son’s chances at each of his prospective schools and it turned out that her assessment was very accurate.

As a result of Deborah’s coaching, our son was in direct contact with prospective coaches. He knew exactly how to answer their questions and was able to feel very comfortable talking about his athletic accomplishments and plans. I doubt that we could have achieved our results without Deborah’s help."

Donna K. Parent – Son Attending George Mason University, Class of 2017 February 3, 2017

"Words cannot fully express my gratitude to Mrs. Accurso and College Game Plan.

During my junior year, I had an issue that prevented me from competing. I thought that my dreams of running in college were over, but with Mrs. Accurso’s unbelievable support and guidance, next year I will be competing for Brown University. It still feels like a dream come true!

Mrs. Accurso is extraordinarily knowledgeable about the entire college recruiting process, and her system truly works. After trying other general recruiting websites like NCSA, I can definitely say that nothing compares to the individualized, personal, and effective program at College Game Plan. Mrs. Accurso’s methods-- from forming a list of “good fit colleges” to guiding communication with coaches—helped me to be successful during this complicated process.

Mrs. Accurso really helped get me through this completely stressful time. She was always available, and always incredibly kind. The countless hours that she spent with me forming my college target list, practicing for interviews, discussing financial aid and scholarships, and putting together email “blasts” were tremendously valuable. There were a number of times that I called her, frantic over what a coach had said or what this or that meant, and she was always completely reassuring and supportive.

Mrs. Accurso has such a vast understanding of everything relating to college and picking the right fit. Her assistance in navigating the college search was vital for me in choosing Brown. I honestly don’t think that there is a better match for my academic and personal interests. I couldn’t be happier!

Thank you a million times, College Game Plan!"

Hannah S. Brown University, Class of 2021 February 3, 2017

"Working with Mrs. Accurso and College Game Plan has helped me immensely through the college recruitment process. My family and I had no clue where to begin and she guided us through the entire process. Mrs. Accurso is extremely organized and always available to help. She makes her athletes a priority and it was a pleasure to have worked with her!"


Sierra C. Undecided, Accepted to Columbia University, Temple University and Villanova University February 19, 2017

"We decided to use Deb Accurso to help us with our daughter’s college search. Deb is well attuned to the needs of the student athlete as well as a wealth of knowledge about the entire college application process. By knowing the subtleties for a specific college’s requirements and learning the strengths and challenges that were part of our daughter’s makeup, Deb was able to develop and implement a strategic plan to help with the entire college search process. She was always available to answer questions and support us.
As parents of a student athlete we were a little intimidated by the entire recruiting process. Deb was able to advise us on the best way to navigate the situation so that ultimately we could make the best decision, both academically and athletically, for our daughter’s future. We are sure that without Deb’s help the process would have been much more difficult and we don’t know if our daughter would have been accepted to the school that she ultimately chose."

Aron and Kathi Parents - Daughter Accepted to Brown University, Class of 2021 February 20, 2017

"I decided to send my daughter to work with Deb because she wanted to attend college and compete at the Varsity level and I wasn't exactly sure how to go about making that happen. Deb took the guesswork out of the college application and athletic recruiting process. Her thorough knowledge of the steps necessary made the entire process so much less stressful. Deb gathered a lot of specific information about Layne helping to narrow down which colleges and universities might best fit her needs. Layne was accepted to her first choice and we have Deb to thank for helping make that dream come true. Thanks Deb and College Game Plan."

Patty M. Parent - Daughter Accepted to Moravian College, Class of 2021 February 23, 2017

“The guidance and advice Deborah provided was incredibly valuable when our son was going through the college recruiting and application process. Her College Game Plan system takes all the guesswork out of athletic recruiting and college admission. She helped our son identify clear goals and form a target list. She helped him prepare correspondence, and led practice sessions for phone calls and meetings with college coaches. Our son was ultimately offered a coxswain position on Cornell’s crew team and couldn’t have been happier.”

Kathy M. Parent - Son attended Cornell University, Class of 2015 April 17, 2017

As a junior in high school, I was really nervous about applying to the appropriate college
for me. I knew exactly what I wanted to major in, however, I was unsure of the way I wanted to
approach the college selection process. I knew that this was a pivotal moment in my life, in
which I would have to decide where I would be spending the next four years learning and
striving towards a career in mechanical engineering. Despite these mixed and uneasy emotions,
Deborah Accurso was able to direct me onto the right path towards my final decision. With
plenty of recommendations and assistance through her service, Mrs. Accurso has been able to
provide me with more than what I needed.
There was never a doubt in my mind when discussing my college game plan with her.
She is tremendous at what she does, considering the amount of effort she put into trying to
find several opportunities for me. She encouraged me to continue to seek myself by venturing
out to other colleges and their engineering programs. Mrs. Accurso exemplifies hard work and
optimism. She comforted and aided me with the college planning and selection
process. Her service is very appreciated as it has changed my life for the better. Thanks to her, I
am happy to be fully enrolled in a college in which I am honored to have the opportunity. The
College Game Plan experience with Deborah Accurso is something that I will never forget.

Yardley Plasencia Lafayette College, Class of 2023 February 9, 2020