Finding the right college fit is not always easy. With the addition of athletic recruiting, the experience can seem overwhelming. We guide student-athletes and their families through each stage of their recruiting journey, keeping academic and social fit at the forefront of the process.

Our comprehensive services include:

Student-Athlete Assessment: We collect transcripts, SAT/ACT Scores, writing samples and the results of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, as well as honors, awards and athletic marks and evaluations to provide an initial suggested college list from which to begin the recruiting process.

We utilize the assessment as a foundation for student self-understanding from which to choose a college and career path that reflects their natural talents, interests, and passions.

High School Educational Plan: Collaborating with students, parents, coaches and counselors, we formulate individualized academic and personal development strategies that will equip student with the necessary critical thinking, writing, self-initiative, group collaboration, and technological literacy skills and competencies necessary for success in college and beyond.

Curriculum Selection and Standardized Test Preparation Strategy: Working from each student’s strengths and natural orientation for learning, we provide guidance for high school course selection and standardized test preparation strategies.

Extracurricular Activities: We facilitate brainstorming sessions for planning out-of-school learning and service opportunities and activities.

Tutor Services Referrals: Gleaned from years of experience working with local educators, we provide a list of high quality, proven successful tutor referrals for all subjects and standardized test preparation.

NCAA Guidelines and College Athletics Recruiting Overview: We explain NCAA regulations regarding the recruiting process, amateurism and eligibility center registration.

Development of Targeted College List: Student-athletes should always begin by casting a wide net. We prepare a list of 25-30 good fit schools from which to begin recruiting process.

Financial Aid Overview: All college planning should begin with an in-depth conversation on college affordability. We provide detailed financial aid instruction and support throughout the process.

 The College Game Plan Playbook: The hallmark of our services, the playbook is a step-by-step personalized guidebook. We review and explain all sections of the binder that keeps students on task.

Student-Athlete Resume and Correspondence Development:  Using College Game Plan's Resume Development Guide and Templates, we assist with resume development.

Marketing Plan and College Recruitment Online Forms : We develop and assist student-athletes as they implement their marketing plan to selected colleges and coaches.

Communication Blast Implementation: We support student-athletes as they initiate their “Communication Blasts,” the initial and on-going Email Contact Campaigns to the coaches of target schools.

Interview Preparation and Mock Sessions: Practice makes perfect. We guide and prepare student-athletes for phone and in-person communication with college coaches.

College Application and Essay Writing Sessions: We provide support and guidance for students as they brainstorm, prepare, and edit their college and scholarship applications and essays. We supervise draft revision process.

Guidance Throughout Entirety of Recruiting Process: We assist student-athletes and their families as they decipher coach communications, schedule official and unofficial visits, negotiate scholarship packages, and navigate NCAA legislation for student-athlete recruiting, registration and amateurism.

Assistance Negotiating Offers: Negotiating works. We provide guidance and support  throughout all phases of merit and athletic financial aid negotiations.

Transition to College Workshop: Transitions can be tough, and particularly so for the student-athlete. An integral component of our counseling includes The College Game Plan Freshman Rising Seminar where we discuss typical challenges new college students face. We review student support services, tools and resources available for new college students and suggest strategies to ease the transition.  

Next Steps...

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