“Words cannot fully express my gratitude to Mrs. Accurso and College Game Plan.

During my junior year, I had an issue that prevented me from competing. I thought that my dreams of running in college were over, but with Mrs. Accurso’s unbelievable support and guidance, next year I will be competing for Brown University. It still feels like a dream come true!

Mrs. Accurso is extraordinarily knowledgeable about the entire college recruiting process, and her system truly works. After trying other general recruiting websites like NCSA, I can definitely say that nothing compares to the individualized, personal, and effective program at College Game Plan. Mrs. Accurso’s methods– from forming a list of “good fit colleges” to guiding communication with coaches—helped me to be successful during this complicated process.

Mrs. Accurso really helped get me through this completely stressful time. She was always available, and always incredibly kind. The countless hours that she spent with me forming my college target list, practicing for interviews, discussing financial aid and scholarships, and putting together email “blasts” were tremendously valuable. There were a number of times that I called her, frantic over what a coach had said or what this or that meant, and she was always completely reassuring and supportive.

Mrs. Accurso has such a vast understanding of everything relating to college and picking the right fit. Her assistance in navigating the college search was vital for me in choosing Brown. I honestly don’t think that there is a better match for my academic and personal interests. I couldn’t be happier!

Thank you a million times, College Game Plan!”

Hannah S. Brown University, Class of 2021 February 3, 2017