As a junior in high school, I was really nervous about applying to the appropriate college
for me. I knew exactly what I wanted to major in, however, I was unsure of the way I wanted to
approach the college selection process. I knew that this was a pivotal moment in my life, in
which I would have to decide where I would be spending the next four years learning and
striving towards a career in mechanical engineering. Despite these mixed and uneasy emotions,
Deborah Accurso was able to direct me onto the right path towards my final decision. With
plenty of recommendations and assistance through her service, Mrs. Accurso has been able to
provide me with more than what I needed.
There was never a doubt in my mind when discussing my college game plan with her.
She is tremendous at what she does, considering the amount of effort she put into trying to
find several opportunities for me. She encouraged me to continue to seek myself by venturing
out to other colleges and their engineering programs. Mrs. Accurso exemplifies hard work and
optimism. She comforted and aided me with the college planning and selection
process. Her service is very appreciated as it has changed my life for the better. Thanks to her, I
am happy to be fully enrolled in a college in which I am honored to have the opportunity. The
College Game Plan experience with Deborah Accurso is something that I will never forget.

Yardley Plasencia Lafayette College, Class of 2023 February 9, 2020